All I Can Say

Don’t create another victim,
(I hear)
Oh, but it’s hard, you see,
She’s a part of me and
her pain holds me
firmly, too,
the roles are reversed,

I should be in her place
but I’m trying my best
and that’s all I can do

Lauren Scott © 2014

(No deep writing, just emotions from my heart)

34 thoughts on “All I Can Say

    1. Thanks, Chris, last night was a little tough and I probably shouldn’t have written this…but I think if there are more prayers or positive thoughts then it’s worthwhile. You’re right about parenthood and trials like these, but there are good days, too, and today has been better…I appreciate all of your hugs very much, too! ♥ xo

    1. Thanks, Ian, there is much love and happiness, but there is sadness, too, that we’re trying to live and deal with…I normally don’t write so openly, but it was a tough week and I guess I just felt like it. I appreciate your comment and compassion, though, and have a lovely weekend.

  1. Sometimes Lauren as I read between your lines here.. I know it can be more tough being a parent. We would sooner change places I know any day .. We can feel so helpless when we are unable to help.. Yet you are strong.. And you are a rock needed .. And every rock at times can crumble to emotion.. So its good to let out our feelings.. And share them.. You are far from alone.. and we are always here..
    Love to you Lauren.. and Healing thoughts sent out.. x Sue ❤

    1. Your comment almost brought me to tears, Sue, thank you…I know I’m only human and will crumble at times and most of the time, I’m strong. Last month was tough, along with the beginning of this month, which surprised us all. Long story and I won’t go into it here; not sure if I’ve told you. Anyway, it was all so raw and you could say that this was an “emotional binge write!” 🙂 Things are better now, but it’ll be a rocky road for an indefinite amount of time..thanks again for sharing your love and wise words as a good friend, along with your healing thoughts. Those are always welcome. Hugs back to you! ♥ xo

      1. Lauren you did share a little of your concerns some time back and I am guessing your worries are on the same lines in regards to this.. Hence my sending you all..But I know you all have that inner strength to see you through .. And Positive thoughts bring about miraculous Energy.. Mega Hugs xxx

    1. Thanks, Diane…we have our good and bad times and this was after a bad time. I think this is called “binge writing” and right now all is good. 🙂 Your hugs, love and healing is welcomed, though, at any time. Hugs back! ♥

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