Celebrating 4 years with WordPress! :)

Happy Anniversary!

52 thoughts on “Celebrating 4 years with WordPress! :)

  1. That’s wonderful Lauren! I launched here in early 2005 and the time has most certainly gone by quickly…much too quickly! WordPress is an outstanding platform and through all of the website and blog hosts I have been involved with over the past eighteen years I have never known a site as dedicated and innovative as WordPress.

    Best wishes for many more fulfilling years here.

  2. What a lovely post Lauren! And congratulations! I am so pleased our paths crossed in blog land and that we have become friends. I started mine in 2011 and cant quite believe where I have come to from those beginnings. Thank you for being part of my journey too,and for all your support and encouragement.. Here’s to many more postings! 😊❀️ Xxx

    1. Thanks, Chris, and I echo everything you said to me about you, too. I hope that made sense. πŸ˜€ Yes, let’s look forward to many, many more postings, poetry and photos, too! Hugs! β™₯ xo

  3. Congratulations Lauren. Your presence has been a blessing for many and allowed me to make an amazing friend. My story is similar as I opened the account around 2010 and actually started using it in late 2011 πŸ™‚

  4. Happy blogiversary, Lauren! Since the very first time we met I knew you had a big heart, and sensed your loyalty right away.
    Your blog has been a blessing to me, and so is, and still is your book, that I cherish. I encourage you to write another.
    You have become an amazing friend….one of my best!
    Have a blessed day my friend!
    Love and hugs a plenty xoxo

    1. Aww, Deb, you almost made me cry! Thank you so much, my friend, and I feel the same about you, your blog, your loyalty and your art! β™₯
      Regarding another book, I am working on #2 and should be submitting the manuscript very soon, so thank you for the encouragement. You are one of my bestest friends, too!!!
      Love, Hugs and Blessings to you! xoxo β™₯

  5. Matt

    Wow, look at all those compliments! Congratulations Honey. The time does go by fast but we know you work very hard with one of your passions. We look forward to many more poems and posts. Loving You More Each Day, Matt

  6. Huge congrats dear Lauren ! What a sweet and tender way to announce it my friend ! I loved all your so symbolic images and especially the one where the budgerigar is resting on the cat !!! Even enemies can become very close friends !
    Happy Blogging,keep going and inspiring us ! Love ❀❀❀ and kisses πŸ™‚

    1. Aww, thanks so much for your wonderful comment, Doda! I loved those images, too, when I saw them! Too cute! I appreciate your encouragement and I’m so happy our paths have crossed! Love and Hugs to you! β™₯ xo

  7. Good for you Lauren, congratulations and well done.
    Cant remember when I adopted you first, but it has been a pleasure to have you in my wordpress friends.
    Emu aka Ian

  8. Congratulations, Lauren! Even though I’m winding down a little from blogging, I’m also grateful for the wonderful friends I have made through it. Love the images. Thanks for the hugs – coming back at you. β™₯

  9. Congrats Lauren, you have always been a blessing all of those years. It seems amazing our time passes by…you have made so many of those days priceless, with your genuine and selfless heart. You are always a gem to me my sister! Hugs, love, and blessings always to you and your family!

    1. Thanks so much, Wendell! I’m so sorry for replying late, but I appreciate all of your beautiful words and I echo them back to you, too. You have been a true friend here in blogland and have also inspired me through each poem you’ve written. Your friendship is one I treasure…Hugs, love and blessings back to you and your family..

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