Do you ever
feel like screaming?
Your heart, mind
and soul

are filled to capacity
with frustration,
ready for explosion
You’re seeking
a solution

to your equation
but problem solving
needs consideration
and concentration
to reach fruition
What is your intention?
To lose the connection
or to move forward
with full participation
and determination?
My suggestion
is to assess
the situation
Dispose of
this emotion
Take action
by using your
bringing this
to completion

LScott © 2013


34 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. Who never felt like that, right? I guess screaming never does the job, though. Imagination is always our best friend at those times, aye? Nice to read your words, Lauren! x

  2. I don’t think I would ever ‘solve’ anything without my imagination, Lauren. Of course, then that may present more ‘problems’ … at least in the real world. But, nevertheless, I know it is my savior. XO ♥

    1. Thanks so much, Cha, I’m glad you liked this fun one! It was fun to write, but I also wanted a good message in there, too! 🙂 And thanks for your kind words about our wedding pic…I guess I’m thinking about our 25th early, as it will be in January…I’m too mushy sometimes! That’s only one flaw! Hehe! Anyway, take care and sending hugs!

  3. This actually made me laugh because I have had many times where I have felt the need to scream where it obviously hasn’t been appropriate. I can feel it all built up, so instead I laugh as a way of getting it out.

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