Special Birthday Gifts ♥

Today is my 39th birthday (again).
Well, my true age is yet to be found out.
Anyway, my family wrote poems for me,
filled with love, smiles (and a little embarrassment).
I’d like to share their writing, for a change. ♥

From Dad, at the young age of 93

It was a Saturday morn-
And Lauren was born!
Mom was in good spirits and
Both of us were wondering-
a boy or a girl?
If a girl, would she have curls?
If a boy, would he be a “Milton Berle?”
When Mom delivered, the doctor said,
“You have a beautiful baby girl.”
Mom replied, “Are you sure?”
The doctor said, “See for yourself;
This is not a blur!”
With that, Mom was very sure
and through the years, LOVE ENDURED!

From My Sister, Susie

God blessed me with a much younger sis
at age 11 an unexpected and exciting twist
Growing up wasn’t always bliss
especially when refusing her request to play
her eyes might mist

Despite the gap in our ages, some of our personality traits match
loving homemade cookies and baking a tasty batch

Being avid readers we love to turn the pages
Although we share the gift for words
while I speak to be heard
my sis created a blog and pens poetry from her heart
which inspires and entertains her readers

While I adopted two sons, sis adopted a playful coppery puppy
These cuddly canines (Copper, Inka, and Remy)
love when it’s time for their daily walk

My sons became Star and Life Boy Scouts
Sister’s son is a Life Scout about to follow his dad’s example
by soon achieving Eagle, something to joyfully shout about

Our hair style with bangs is long and straight
and requires an occasional highlight
to cover strands of gray
What a twist of fate

God has graced us with the gift of faith
Loving husbands and two children each

We’re definitely opinionated and don’t hesitate
to express how we feel or what we think
To have a talented sis who is so great
I’m positively tickled pink

From My Daughter

Today is your birthday
another year younger, right? 😉
Time keeps moving forward
but you stay youthful and quite,

 so, that’s not how life unfolds
We get older, we age
Laugh lines increase, weight goes up and down
after the turning of every page

 But at 52, you have timeless beauty
Your sea blue eyes never cease to shine
You smile always in that perfect rectangle
and your laugh is always light and kind

 Well, sometimes it’s loud and weird
and I’m not sure where your goofiness comes from
but I wouldn’t trade those for the world
because that’s you beating to your own drum

 Which is what you (and Dad) have taught us, kids (haha)
You have been a wonderful mom and continue to do so
Your arms are always open and your love continues to grow

into a beautiful flower, you’ve blossomed
Getting married, having kids and settling down
I know being a parent can be tough
but you have held on and not fallen to the ground

 Giving up isn’t your style
although, sometimes you probably want to
Just know that you are an awesome and strong person
who can handle anything you puts her mind to

 Bills, working, difficult boss, chauffeuring us around
You’ve done it all
and continue to conquer it with guts and ba..

 Love is what you give to us every day
even if we can’t see it or even when we fight
Our friendship will always be tight

 Happy Birthday, Ma!
Enjoy your day!
You deserve the best!
So, don’t worry about the pay 😉

From my Son

Today is a day of celebration,
of reminiscing on highs and lows,
as you commemorate fifty two years of your creation.
So many people have helped you grow;
they’ve been there for you as you balanced the equation
of who you are and what to show.

 Life has not always been the best
but no matter what, you always stay strong,
because you know, with love and hope, nothing can infest
what you call your family. We are not wrong,
for we must confess
that your love helps to bind us together; lifelong.

 So be happy and merry,
smile with joy,
knowing that today, those around you will carry
your burdens because today is about you; we will not annoy
you. We will all be your magical “fairy.”
Now go enjoy!

From My Sister, Debbie (Remember When)

It was decades ago when you were a child and I was the big sister,
I loved to take you to lunch to chat and have a burger.
We loved books, music and country charm, and we were taught
The Golden Rule to do no harm.
Now time has sped by through laughter and tears,
and we still help each other overcome our fears.
Though we live miles away, and wish it were minutes,
the bond that we share will never diminish.
So now we’re “mature” and a lot has been said,
but with God ever faithful, we’ll still look ahead.
I’m glad you’re my sister and also my friend,
and we have a connection that never will end.
So have a birthday to remember, good food, wine and cake,
and though we won’t be there, it still will be great!

From My Hubby

Our love has grown stronger through the years,
In between, we’ve shed a few tears.
My love for you is second to none,

and because of this, you are my Hun.
Together we raised two beautiful children

To me, you’re one in a million
Through good times and bad our love has grown,

you have the sweetest heart I’ve ever known.
I’m here with you now and forever,

as our life unfolds, we’ll always walk together.

Thank you, My Family, these are the best gifts.



61 thoughts on “Special Birthday Gifts ♥

  1. Now those are some awesome gifts, that just keep on giving, Lauren. All of the poems are wonderful, but even more so, the loved ones that wrote them.
    Happy Birthday, my friend!

    Love and hugs xxx…and one to make your eyes lashes grow. 🙂

  2. ♪Happy Birthday to YOU♪ ♪♪Happy Birthday to YOU♪♪ Happy Birthday my friend. Have a fabulous day and oh yes, once we hit ’50’ we just keep getting ‘younger’. ha ha LOVED all the poetry. Beautiful post. big hugs, Renee ♥

      1. You’re so sweet, Cat, it seems the special treatment only lasts for a day! Hee,hee! 🙂 Sending many hugs your way! And I’m still young at heart; actually, I feel like a teenager most of the time! 🙂

  3. Such lovely, warm and heartfelt words from your family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lauren!! And of course you are 39. It’s the perfect age. Young enough to be non-forming. Old enough to know most everything about life. Virginia

  4. Happy Birthday Lauren. Your birthday post of love is awesomely wonderful and moving. The greatest gift anyone can have in life (ever) is the caring love of those they cherish and love themselves. The words of your loved ones written here is quite obviously a true gift that you (one well deserved I’m thinking) get to always carry in your heart. Yes, the perfect gift my friend! 🙂 Have lots of fun today! 🙂

    1. Penny, thank you for your beautiful comment and complement to my family and I. Their poems were the best gift and it may not happen again, so I will hold them in my heart! 🙂 Thanks again!

  5. Caddo Veil

    “Timeless Beauty” from your daughter–it doesn’t get better than that! Happy Birthday–may God bless your new year all the way through!

  6. Happy belated birthday Lauren…i quess I will owe you one, I am trying to catch up since being under! I will surprise you…hope your day was wonderful all the poems were a great touch from your family…God bless always!

    1. Thanks so much, Wendell, and I’m happy to see you anytime, whether belated or not! I hope you’re feeling better, my friend, and I did have a really nice day! Hugs and blessings to you!

  7. Blessings and a gloriously happy birthday to you, Lauren! I’m December-to-March ahead of you, and if I don’t pave the way perfectly through the years I’m sure you’ll make something fine of the path all the same–that’s your way! xoxo

  8. Oh Lauren I am so glad I read it today
    what a blessing it is to have such a wonderful Family like you do…
    you live under a blessing tree wrapped all around by love and hugs
    it is such a beautiful place to be.
    Your Parents taught you well and showered you with great love and values and you have done the same with your kids…
    love is all around you, it will always be for you are all love and compassion and you will attract just the most beautiful emotions from every one
    Bless you and your Family 🙂

    1. Soma, my friend, your comment has me speechless (which is a good thing, sometimes :)), but , really, thank you for all you said and for all the love you shared in your words, too! My family appreciates them, too! Sending tons of hugs and love your way! xoxo

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