A Little Birthday Love for My Hubby ♥

You’re my beginning
to dreams coming true
You’re my ending
there’s no one for me, but you

You’re my strength
My pillar in a world of crazy
You’re my reasoning
You’re simply amazing

I say “I Love You”
much too often
 yet, I’ll continue forever
because you’re my
best good fortune

© LScott 2013

Happy Birthday, Honey


After 24 years of marriage,
we’re thankful to celebrate another year of life.

40 thoughts on “A Little Birthday Love for My Hubby ♥

  1. Julie Catherine

    Lauren, I don’t think anyone ever tires of hearing the words, “I love you” – and you say it with your heart and soul. A sweet, romantic poem; Happy Birthday to your awesome hubby! ~ Love and hugs, Julie xoxox

  2. How did I miss this 😦

    I delight in your milestone
    Two score and four
    A magical tour
    Your love shines to the fore

    Congratulations, Lauren 🙂

    Pssst! A small whisper in a friend’s ear – I think Hubby did alright for himself too 🙂

    1. How can we keep up with all posts, Eric? I try, but I know I miss some, so please no worries! And as to the score, well, it is one score and four years of marriage, but he just turned two score plus 13! I think I have that right, as it’s been a long day! 🙂 We’re still young, though, right? Thanks for your delightful wishes, my friend!

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