Reality’s Edge

larger than life
hovering, invasive
casting shadows

louder than
thunder’s symphony

with eyes squeezed shut
I see only papered walls
and moving silhouettes

shaking my head
I lie in beads of sweat
gripping the edge

waiting to fall
into the depths…

© LScott 2013

(Sometimes life brings challenges and we fall into darkness.
This happened to me last fall when our family received
devastating news. After time, I was able to pull out into the light again.
I wish everyone could) ♥

38 thoughts on “Reality’s Edge

  1. This is a really mov g poem Lauren, and one I can really relate to.

    Being able to “pull out into the light again” , though difficult, is essential for us to save our sanity I think and it helps us to be able to manage whatever we are going though. We cant hope to start managing if we stay in that darkness, though it is tempting to stay there at times..

    Love and hugs

    Christine xx

    1. Thanks so much, Christine, and I’m sorry you can relate, as it’s not a fun place to be..I had never felt so “down” as I did at that time and I honestly don’t know what the future entails, so I hope to stay in the light, no matter what…you are so right with everything you said, too…much love and many hugs to you, my friend! xoxo

    1. It was really loud last fall, which is what inspired this poem…things are kind of in “remission” so all is okay now, but the future is uncertain. I imagine there will be more fear then, too…

    1. It’s funny, when you’re in that “place”, you don’t think you’ll ever get out. Then over time, you do and I hope I never return, as things are dormant, not erased and the future is uncertain. I hope I can be as strong as my words..I’m glad you have, too, Red, and thanks for your presence here! Hugs! ♥

    1. Thanks for your complements, Celeste, things are better, kind of lying dormant for now. The future is uncertain, but we’re living in the present, otherwise, we’ll lose it…that’s life, we have our struggles and we move forward…thanks so much for your visits and I hope all is well in your world, too. Much love and many hugs!

  2. To give the darkness to words as you have done here, Lauren, is to cast a light on it and therein lies hope in its midst. Blessings for healing and brightness to overcome all. Love always, Diane XO ♥

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