31 thoughts on “Canine Nap – Haiku

  1. Just like small children, they are so angelic–until they run the cat up a tree just before a storm or snag your favorite blanket off the clothesline on a sunny day! But you are right, Lauren–this photo does show a MOST angelic canine family member!

    1. You made me smile, Rose, and you are so right! When he sees a cat, dog or squirrel, he “sings” or whines, whichever word you prefer. I prefer “sings” however, we’re trying to break him of doing it, because when it happens early in the morning, it’s a bit embarrassing! He just wants to play! Oh, it’s a dog’s life! But, they are angels when they sleep and for that, we are thankful! 🙂

  2. I’m jealous of the way dogs get to nap like this all the time, but love it when they start running in their sleep as if chasing those squirrels or flying through the air.

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