Blog Award Appreciation ♥

I would like to thank all of you wonderful bloggers who have nominated me for an award in the past several months.  Some of these came during the time of my Mom’s illness and passing and some are more current.  So I apologize for this delayed post…As I’ve said in the past, I am very humbled, grateful and still a bit stunned that my writing has touched so many others.  I appreciate your time taken to visit my blog, click the “like” button or leave a lovely comment.  Unfortunately, due to other time constraints, I won’t be able to follow through in the usual manner, however, I do want to acknowledge these amazing bloggers:

Renee:  One Lovely Blog and Versatile Blogger
: Very Inspiring Blog
: Commenter Award
: Leibster Blog
: One Lovely Blog
: Hug Award
: One Lovely Blog
Autumn & Gabby:
:  One Lovely Blog, Writing Award
: Hug Award, One Lovely Blog, Kreative Blogger, Reader Appreciation Award, Writing Award
:One Lovely Blog
: One Lovely Blog
: One Lovely Blog, Very Inspiring Blog
: One Lovely Blog
: Sunshine Award
: Reader Appreciation Award
Red: Sparkly’s Comment Award

Many of these wonderful people, I consider my friends  and many others, I’ve recently met and look forward to getting to know better.  They offer beauty through writing and photography, sharing inspiration, motivation, spiritual guidance, love, smiles and laughter, heart tugging situations, love for Mother Earth, and so much more…I ask you to visit their sites, if you’re not already following them! 🙂

I also give my sincere “Thanks” to everyone else who stops by.  I am truly moved by the response I’ve received since I started this blog eight months ago, from one who “writes from the heart.” ♥

Hugs and Blessings to you all!

Lauren xo

Photo from our backyard~  🙂

24 thoughts on “Blog Award Appreciation ♥

      1. Have a Great weekend 🙂
        I thought i saw You on Wombania 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        It’s a little bit silly and fun in there 🙂 xo

        wishing You a bright bright Night xo

      2. Thanks, Cat, I’m very ready for the weekend! 🙂 I was on Wombania and need to visit again! I can’t seem to keep up with everything, but reading the comments, in addition to the great comics are entertaining, too! It is definitely a fun place! 🙂
        You are so sweet with your wishes and I wish you the very same! Mega Hugs! xoxo

  1. You are SUCH a love in Blogland, Lauren, that you appreciation and friendship and generosity with us all is felt whether you have time to formally acknowledge everyone, or not! Lead on, dear friend, into the Land of Sweetness!

    1. Oh, sorry about that, Red, I’ll be over soon and thank you so much for your very kind words! I just added you to my list of wonderful bloggers to thank on my original post, as I didn’t want to leave you out, so thank you, again! xx

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