The weather and I
aren’t on the same page
Things seem to be moody
at this lovely life stage
One minute I’m fine
just dandy and smiley
The next, I’m fanning
and glowing, quite frantically
Someone made a booboo
and turned on the heat
It wasn’t nice to do
as I’m dying for some ac

Say, could you help me please,
maybe throw me a breeze,
a cold compress, or a spray bottle,
no less?

Oh, wait, it’s slowing down now
the wave seems to be calming
whew, I’m feeling much better
thank you for helping

Really, I’m fine
I’m not going to die
I resemble a human again
(as I lean back and sigh)

© LScott

To all you women who can empathize;
sending hugs and smiles (and fans)


Photo credit: Google.com

26 thoughts on “Fever

  1. Julie Catherine

    Oh my, yes, I remember those days, Lauren! ((((hugs)))) The good thing is that my doctor said when I reached “this lovely stage”, the pain from my endometriosis would end – and it did. Goodness knows that was a huge relief, even though it was replaced with other things, lol. Wishing you lots of lovely, cool breezes … and the knowledge that, eventually, this too shall pass. ~ Love, Julie xoxox

    1. Oh, Julie, I’m sorry you went through the other thing, too, but I’m glad this thing corrected that! 🙂 Thanks so much for your cool breezes and hugs and it’s nice knowing other women can laugh at it with me! xoxo

  2. Andrew

    Yeah I don’t like when it’s hot. It’s hard for me to do my ninja exercises. Is that what you were thinking too?

  3. this was so funny, though I know the experience is not! and time of year doesn’t even help! I feel so good now that all’s over and you will too! It gets better, promise!! Love to you, Linda

    1. I’m glad I could make you laugh, Linda, as it’s one of the best medicines! 🙂 And it’s good to know that you survived and I will keep that in mind (it will pass)! Love to you, too! 🙂

  4. We never know what effect life changes bring, i hear its really brutal on the ladies! Hot and cold? Just hang in there and hope the right wave of air comes at the right time. Lauren, blessings and hugs to you and all my favorite sisters above! I am butting out now ever so swiftly!

    1. Oh, Wendell, I am laughing now! I just love your choice of words…hoping the right wave of air comes at the right time…and I love your bravery for even commenting at all! Then, butting out, just brought a big smile! Thank you for enlightening my afternoon! I just had to write something humorous about this “change” and I appreciate your time, my friend! xx

      1. I used it and I been where you’re at. Now I’m always cold, except today there’s a heat wave here in NY but I didn’t really feel uncomfortable just warm. So I guess the flashes have finally stopped for me. So I hope you see there is light at the end of this M tunnel. 😀

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