A Tribute to Moms ♥

Making everything perfect with her loving care

She’s an unselfish soul and always “there”

Under her wing is abundant warmth and comfort

She shelters with grace to avoid any hurt

Like a rose, her beauty shines forever

Unlike its lifespan, her love never withers

She exemplifies a rainbow, beauty of many colors

Bold for self confidence, pastel for helping others

She cares for people, before putting herself first

Her heart’s full of kindness, joyfully eager to burst

With a butterfly’s elegance, she floats from task to task

Her smile continues from early dawn to dusk

She’s a daughter, sister, lover and friend

A gentle spirit and shoulder unto the end

She’s an angel on earth; her spirit is divine

She’s a lovely blessing and truly one of a kind

© LScott 2012

This is in loving memory of my Mom,
who passed away in February, to
my Mother-in-Law, who has
been missed for 20 years now,
a tribute to my sisters,
as they are wonderful Moms,

and to all the beautiful, hard-working Mothers
in the world~

Wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Lauren ♥


67 thoughts on “A Tribute to Moms ♥

  1. Gorgeous, unrestrained ode to all mothers, Lauren! As a mother myself, I am a little weepy right now. I lost my own mother in 2000, but have my mother-in-law! I am especially thinking of my daugher-in-law, the mother of my two precious grandchildren!

    1. Thanks, Rose, and I’m sorry you’re weepy; I was earlier when I talked to my Dad. He was pretty reserved, to say the least. Even through the tears, I wish you a wonderful celebration. xx

  2. Oh Lauren if this isnt the most beautiful heartfelt thanks to all the mothers …..
    how wonderful to be blessed with such lovely mothers guiding us and showing us how to be like them….Our mothers gave us the most beautiful gift just being there for us …
    A big hug 🙂

  3. Hi Lauren, I found your site from granbee’s blog (Rose). I am a mother of two children and enjoyed reading your beautiful poem. May you continue to use your gift of poetry to lift up others!

    1. Hi Danielle! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit from Granbee’s blog! I’m glad you enjoyed this and thank you also for your kind words! I hope you enjoy your special day, too, with your children!

  4. dodik45

    This is just beautiful and you should be proud. D&J and I drove to the cemetery today and although I did not have the poem with me, I did talk
    to Mom about it- I am sure she was smiling. Love Dad

  5. What a wonderful job you have done writing this touching tribute Lauren. I also saw the post from your Dad–I have to agree–your Mom is smiling. God Bless and remember the love that is within you–a gift from your Mom. Love, Jeannie

  6. reneeboomer

    Beautiful tribute Lauren. I know you are missing your Mom. I always wish to vision my Mama sitting on a shining star and smiling down at me. Love the poem and Happy Mother’s Day to you too. hugs. 🙂

  7. Beautiful tribute to your Mother, Lauren- so full of her spirit and essence, it brings her presence and gracious nature to mind for each of us to greet and smile with loving appreciation. Your love is so full and endless, just as hers was and Is!

  8. Happy Mother’s Day Lauren!!! Very beautiful poem here. Sorry for the sadness because of the recent loss too. Considering that you have a big part of her in you, she must have been an AMAZING woman. God bless forever

    1. Thanks so much, Scott, and for your complement to my Mom. She was a wonderful woman and we’re missing her today, but also celebrating the beautiful woman and Mom that she was…Hugs and Blessings to you, too!

  9. Belated Happy Mother’s Day Lauren! This is a touching poem, tenderly written from a loving daughter’s heart! I too share your loss, I still miss my Mom 12 years ago this year. Now, it’s my beloved Mom-in-Law who is on and off in the hospital from a suspected malignant tumor of the pancreas. I’m praying it’s not cancer, and for the pain to subside when the pain killers are withdrawn.

    1. Thanks so much, Cynthia, and I guess we’ll just be exchanging hugs for both of us! And, I will keep your Mom-In-Law in my prayers, too…My Mother-in-Law passed away 20 years ago at the age of 59, so she was young, but still missed to this day…awww, those tough times in life, right? Well, take care and hugs! xx

    1. Thanks so much, Betty, and please don’t worry about reading each post! I am now always behind and I think we just have to do our best…I appreciate your kind words, though, always! Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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