Saying Good-bye to our Beloved Dog Today

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

This won’t be one of my ordinary poems.

I’m simply sharing the sad news
that our Lucky Girl passed away today.
She was a black lab mix, 10 1/2 years old
and a true canine sweetheart.

She no longer desired her normal walks or hikes
with us, as her hind legs were getting weaker.
So, we continued to give her lovin’
and made sure she was comfortable.

Ironically, she was fine last night and this morning,
before we all left for work and school.
About two hours later, our neighbors
heard her crying and checked on her.
At that point, she was lying down, unable to move.

Our neighbor stayed with her until I got home, shortly after.
He had covered her with a blanket, kept her warm and
continued petting her, consoling her
until one of her family members came home.

When I saw her, I bent down,
kissed her on her nose
and petted her.  She lifted her head,
looked at me, then put her head down.
I took her to our vet, after calling them
ahead of time, letting them know…

She passed away on the ride to the vet.

I’ve cried all day off and on and I’m not done, yet.

I’m thankful for many things:
my neighbor who took care of her until I got home
the fact that she didn’t suffer long
and, that she was able to say good-bye to
at least one of us…

We adopted her and gave her a good, loving home
for 9 years…

In return, she gave us unconditional love…

We now have a void in our hearts
and will miss her tremendously..

We love you, Lucky Girl~

Here’s a photo of her smiling at us all~

26 thoughts on “Saying Good-bye to our Beloved Dog Today

  1. heartofbella

    I am so sorry for your heartbreak….that is so disturbingly sweet. I just took my dog for walk and came back to read this…..What a Lucky girl she was to have such a loving home….I hope the family heals with this horrible hearbreak. My healing thoughts and positive vibes are with you and the family….may Lucky Girl stay with you forever. xo

    1. Thanks so much, Bella, I really appreciate your healing thoughts…and enjoy your dog, too! It’s amazing how attached we become…I have cried off and on today, too, and am not sure when it will stop. It was hard getting home and not having her greet me…one day at a time, I suppose~

  2. Lauren, I’m so sorry for you all! She was a beauty and she’s smiling. I believe all Dog go to Heaven, so she is watching over you. I’m sending you hugs and prayers. This made me cry, we had a chocolate lab, years ago. Losing our furbabies hurts a lot, I know.

    1. Thanks so much, Autumn…your hugs and prayers are much needed right now..and I agree, she’s in doggie heaven with my sister’s dog, Brandee, who passed away last month…one of my son’s friends, wrote on fb that she’s in doggie heaven chasing squirrels…I like that~

  3. reading-stars

    Ah! Her smile is lovely.. glad you have your photo of her. She obviously had a happy life with you all. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. well, this hit home, I had a lab, (the best dogs in the world) His name was ‘Zen’ and a member of the famil for 15 years till last summer. We went on vazation and a frien was watching him, when we got back, I knew something was wrong, but it was like he waited for us to return before he passed. Chokes me up thinking about it,but I feel your loss (~_~)

    1. Oh, I’m sad to hear about your lab, too! The ache of missing our pets is tremendous. I hope your pain lessens with time and we’re taking one day at at time, as well. Yesterday was the first day of coming home to an empty house; it was tough, to say the least~thanks so much for stopping by…

  5. Elle.Tea.Emm

    oh, L, I am so sorry. dogs are family members and they’re presence is a part of our lives. i had a conversation about pets one time while i was waiting in line at a walmart, go figure, and the woman behind me was buying all sorts of dog treats, i think. i said to her ‘it’s amazing what we do for our dogs’ and she said ‘it’s amazing what they do for us’. and that has really stuck with me. she was so right. animals are god’s most perfect creation and dogs were truly made to be our best friend. you really loved Lucky so much and she knew it. that’s why she waited for you to come home. i’m sure your family is very sad, i remembering when our family dog passed away. that was almost 9 years ago and i still catch myself every once in the while checking behind my parents gate before i open it. our dog was deaf in his old age and would lay there, we had to kick the gate so he felt it and would move. my heart really goes out to you. this picture is just perfect of her. she was a happy girl ❤

    1. Thanks, Elle…I love that quote; it’s perfect; they’re unconditional love is enough to cherish. I cried when I read this because this is what we’re going through. So many memories in and around the house…not leaving the gate open, changing her water bowls, her bed was in my daughter’s room, just walking around the backyard, envisioning her playing and lying around, tripping over her in the house…well, the list goes on and I know it will get easier, but for now, it’s raw and emotions are still active! Anyway, thanks for your kind thoughts and enjoy your boxer. My sister just lost one of her boxers, but still has the other one and loves him dearly…

      1. Elle.Tea.Emm

        i know, its not just an emotional loss, but a loss that changes so many parts of our days and of our lives. i wish there was something i could do for you 😦

  6. A beautiful tribute to your beloved lab. Made me cry. I just can’t read about pets passing. I thought I could make it through this one but I just could not help crying. I know it is hard. I lost mine last year. It feels like it was just hours ago. My heart and thoughts are with you as you travel this path.

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